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We are a 3d CGI company specialising in creating visuals for the construction industry, based in Bedfordshire, Established in 2001 by Andrew Knowles. Over the last 20 years we’ve created 1000’s of visuals, working on large and small projects from world famous brands to individuals on small construction projects. 

High Quality Visuals

Hopefully our gallery images speak for themselves, We pride ourselves in simulating interior and exterior environments accurately down to the very last detail. Our visuals  have featured on national television, local and national press and brochures. You can be assured you will receive high quality visuals on time, within your budget.

What we need from you

We can work from full technical specifications, concept sketches and even scribbled sketch ideas. We regularly  receive 3d models you have created and add our magic touch too. We import most 3d files, but mostly deal with 3DS, SketchUp, DWG files.

Fast & Cost Effective

Whether your project is large or small, our extensive experience along with low overheads, means we can turn your work around quickly. This makes it more affordable than you may think.

Created to suit your needs

Before we start, we always get to know exactly what you want from the visuals and suit our approach and costs accordingly.  Working very much with you not just for you. At every stage of a project we can create quick renders. This means you can see how a project is progressing, so any necessary changes can be picked up early. Only once you’re happy with the test renders will we produce full high res renders.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. We are always happy to help with any advice.  

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2001 - 2021

2001 - 2021



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